Started in the year 1983 as Rank Engineers and changed to Rank Cranes in the year 1995. Until 2012 Rank Cranes have designed and supplied nearly 1000 cranes ranging from 1 TON to 150 TONS capacity which are in operation all over India.

Rank Cranes, with its state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facilities which include modern machinery in covered area of over 4000sq.m, extensive storage and material handling place and highly trained and motivated personnel is best positioned for taking up design and manufacture of cranes of varied capacities ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. RCL has in-house load and deflection testing facilities.

The Enterprise

In the present Industrial scenario, efficient material handling plays a pivotal role in productivity. An ideal material handling device, most commonly Crane, optimizes not only one time investment but also the long term productivity plans. A Crane that is able to cope with every situation due to its great flexibility makes it economical and also saves time for shop floor manager to win new jobs and concentrate better on production. Typically, Rank Cranes are compact, strong, versatile and usable for almost every job assuring to enhance the profitability of clients and to increase their success. In addition, its customized designs and user-friendly equipment meet the highest national and International quality standards.

Rank Cranes – Your Ideal Partner

Success for RCL in business stems directly from its entrepreneurial strategies and practices that differentiated it from the competitors. RCL’s team of qualified engineers, guide customers in the correct selection of equipment and are ably backed by excellent design and manufacturing expertise. A strong customer orientation, willingness to tackle challenging and new material handling solutions, innovative marketing, drive for continuous improvement, and expertise in special application products, helped RCL to grow rapidly and profitably. Today, RCL’s design and manufacturing standards match up to those of TCE Consulting Engineers, Tata Projects, MECON, ABB, BHEL and L&T.

The RANK Advantage

It is good to feel reassured every day in one’s capabilities of managing the hard challenges of material handling in Industry with ease. Rank Cranes are ideally designed offering its customers the highest functional, structural, aesthetic and economic advantages such as :

  • ICAD and Dynamic Design
  • Ensure superior performance and safety
  • Proven capabilities with customized solutions
  • Low head room designs- Reduced building structural costs
  • Rank Cranes confirm to ISI, DIN or BS standards as required
  • Maximum in-house Crane components ensuring longer life and better efficiency
  • Use of Electronic control circuits and AC drives for optimal performance
  • Experience and Expertise to develop special application Cranes such as the Flame Proof Cranes, Tandem operated Cranes with Crane Weighing System.
  • Optimal WEIGHT/Power ratio resulting in cost saving to customer towards lesser crane supporting steel work expenses.

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